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Viewing DocketCalendar Events

When you view a DocketCalendar event on the Outlook calendar, depending upon options set in DC Options you will see information about the event, including the Trigger, the court rule and date calculation rules.

Deadlines are displayed as "all-day" events, which places them at the top of the calendar. 

What Information They Can View

The information included in an Outlook record you open includes:

  • Details of the Event. The details of the event inserted in Outlook's standard fields, including the date and time of the event, case name (unless suppressed by Option settings), event description (sometime called "Activity") and location, if inserted by the user. The event description is also inserted into the body of the appointment.
  • List of Events. A list of all related events to the trigger/
  • Trigger Information. On the form, information regarding the Trigger Event, including the date, description, jurisdiction and, if applicable, the type of service of process involved.
  • Controls for Updating the Trigger. On the added form, controls for updating the events by changing the Trigger Date and recalculating the date of the events, as well as a control for deleting all of the events related to the Trigger.

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