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Recalculate Deadlines

Sometimes you need to recalculate all of the events previously created, because the Trigger Date changed. You may have put in the wrong date, when you originally performed the date calculation. Or the trial, deposition or hearing may have been postponed. You can recalculate these events by changing the date of the original Trigger and DC will update the dates of all events that were originally calculated. To do this, find one of the events on the Outlook calendar selected as the "Calendar Folder," open it and use the recalculation controls “inside” the calendar record to perform the recalculation.

How to Recalculate Events:

  1. On the Outlook calendar selected as the Calendar Folder for the original calculation, find one of the events that DC created.

If you follow our recommendation, the event will be located on the firmwide calendar. If the same person performs the recalculation, display the firmwide calendar, which will have been shared, and find one of the events.

  1. Double-click the event to open the Outlook appointment.

You will see a list of all events created using the Trigger Event with the event you opened highlighted in the list. At the top of the list you will see controls used to perform the recalculation.

  1. Click into the the Trigger Date control.

The date will be put into edit mode and you will see a drop-down arrow on the left side of the date.

  1. Either type in a new date, separating the month, day and year by a “/” or click on the drop-down arrow and choose a date from the date control.
  2. Click the Re-Calculate Events button in the toolbar above the list of events.

All of the events will be recalculated using the new Trigger Date. The original date will be shown in the first column; the recalculated date will be shown in the “New Event Date” column.

  1. If you do not want the date of a particular event to be changed, uncheck the checkbox in the Apt column next to the event description.
  2. When you are done, click the Update Checked Event button.
  1. When you see the message, asking whether you want to proceed with the update, click the Yes button.

Each event that remained checked will be moved to the new date on all of the calendars where they were originally placed. The date of any event that was unchecked will remain unchanged.

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