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Options--Tasks Tab

The options on the Tasks tab under the Options tab allow you to configure certain settings that affect how deadlines or appointments are displayed on Outlook’s To-Do task list, differently from when they are displayed as appointments on Outlook Calendars. As noted previously, we do not recommend that you configure DCO display events and deadlines as tasks, because of limitations in Outlook functionality.

Access Tasks Options. To access the settings relating to Tasks, click on the Options tab on DCO main screen and then click on the Tasks tab.

Task Folder. If you have chosen to treat deadlines or appointments as Tasks, they are stored by default in Outlook’s Task list. The Task Folder option gives you the ability to store them in a separate Task folder, so that they can be segregated from other tasks created using Outlook. To use this option, you will need to create a new Task list in your Outlook folders. Once it is created, it will appear in the Task Folder dropdown list, where it can be selected.

Case Name Location. (Default and Recommended setting: Prepend to Subject) This setting, like the setting for Appointments, determines the location of the case name either on the Subject line or in the body of the task. See Case Name Location in Appointment Options for the available choices.

Custom Text Location. (Default and Recommended setting: Prepend to Body) Similarly, if you use the Custom Text field, this setting determines it's location on the body of a Task. To understand the choices, see Custom Text Location in Appointment Options.

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