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Outlook Instant Search

Outlook's Instant Search uses keywords to simultaneously search all of the fields in your event deadlines.

Using a few simple Outlook search options, you can conduct very quick and detailed reports. By searching the Start date field, Category and Required Attendees fields you can create reports by, Attorney, Case or Category type and Date Range.

Depending on which version of Outlook you have, you may see one of the following two search options

In  older versions of Outlook, search is contained on the top right side of the Calendar

When you click into the Search box, the toolbar will convert to search tools

Click + More to access additional fields to add to your search

In the newest version of Outlook the search box will be contained in the blue bar at the top of your Outlook window.

Click on the Arrow pointing down in the right side of the box.

You will see a dropdown with search options. Click + Add more options

In Advanced Options window opens to allow you to select additional fields for your search

Normally, it will be sufficient to enter a single "keyword" in the search box that you believe might be unique to the event you are looking for--for example, "dismiss" or "summary", etc. The Instant Search will find all events that contain the letters you type. If there are multiple record containing the same keyword, you will likely be able to see the case name or other information that will distinguish it from other similar events.

To narrow your search, you can enter a second keyword, such as a portion of the case name. Outlook automatically assumes you are looking for events that contain all of the keyword search terms--in other words, that contain the first word AND the second word, etc.

If you are still having difficulty finding the record in the list, try one of these techniques:

To look for an exact match, place quotes around the keyword search term, e.g., "motion for more definite statement" or "deposition of John Jason". 

 Use an "operator", such as AND, OR or NOT to limit the records--e.g., motion NOT dismiss--which will find all motions, except motions to dismiss.

To activate the search, hit the Enter key or the arrow in the right corner of the search box.

To open the record, double click on it.

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