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Court Rules Updates

DocketCalendar uses a combination of proprietary technology and legal staff to build and maintain our rule sets. Because DocketCalendar is cloud-based, it can provide updates to customers in real-time, without any interaction required by end users. DocketCalendar is the only rules provider that makes updated rules available to the end user in real time. Courts generally announce updates in two ways:

  1. Many updates are published for comment, with a scheduled effective date. We make these updates in our staging environment and release them to production on the effective date. Thereafter, any subscriber to that court is automatically in compliance with the new rules.
  2. Sometimes a court will publish rule changes with an immediate effective date or for the next day. DocketCalendar is positioned to make these changes effective immediately so the end user does not have to apply any updates. As soon as we update the production server, all subscribers are automatically up-to-date.
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