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Recalculate Discovery

When a trial date changes, changing (postponing) Trial dates in CA courts, where CCP 2024.020 (b) provides that a continuance or postponement of a trial date does not operate to reopen discovery proceedings.

This means that if a trial date is changed, several child events, and their sub-events, should not be updated. Namely Discovery Cutoff, Discovery Motion Cutoff, Expert Witness Discovery Cutoff, and Expert Witness Motion Cutoff, and their respective sub events.

When you recalculate at trial you will be prompted to chose to move Discovery Cutoff to the new Trial date or to keep Discovery Cutoff tied to the original date.

If you need to change a Discovery Cutoff Date separately from the Trial date, you can do this by opening the Discovery Cutoff event and then Clicking on the Related Events Tab Change the Start Time date and press the recalculate button.

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