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Remove DocketCalendar Invites

When DCO posts events on an Outlook calendar, meeting invitations are sent to the staff member's email inbox; when events are removed, cancellation notices are sent out. Using an Outlook Rule, you can remove these notices and either move them to an Outlook folder or delete them entirely without affecting the functionality of DCO.

Enable DCO Search Tag

The Outlook Filter will use the DCO text string,"DocketCalendarEvent", which DCO can automatically inserts into every event and notification, to locate the text string. To De-activate this feature click on the Options tab and then click on the Appointments tab. At the bottom of the Appointments tab change the setting for Add “DocketCalendarEvent” Tag to No and then click the Save Button

Create an Outlook Rule to Move Meeting Invitations to a Folder

The Outlook Rule must be configured for the inbox of each staff member who receives DCO meeting invitations.

  1. Open Outlook for the staff member who wishes to suppress DCO meeting invitations and access the Outlook Mail application, if it is not already open.
  2. On the Quick Steps section of the Home tab, click on the Rules arrow, select Create Rule from the menu and when the Create Rule screen appears, click on the Advanced Options button .

The Rules Wizard screen will be displayed.

3. With the Rules Wizard screen open, check the option "with specific words in the body".

Scroll up the list; it is usually located near the top. When you make the selection, this option will appear in the Step 2 window.

4. In the Step 2 window, click on the "specific words" .

The Search Text dialog box will be displayed once again.

5. In the first field, enter the word "CalendarRulesEvent" (without quotes), click the Add button when you are done and then click the OK button.

6. When you are done, the first screen of the Rules Wizard should look similar to this:

7. Click the Next button to move to the next screen that starts with the question "What do you want to do with the message?" and check "delete it"

8. Click the Finish button.

If you elected to run the rule, all of the existing meeting invitations will be moved to the folder you specified.

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