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DocketCalendar works with you Microsoft Outlook Categories. This feature provides users with very powerful search and reporting capabilities.

In order to leverage this feature, you will need to set up Categories on each Outlook Calendar that will be writing events to the master Calendar. DocketCalendar gets its list of available Categories from your Primary Calendar. If you want to use for example a category called "Important" that category would need to be created on your calendar and a matching category would need to be created on the Firm Calendar or target calendar for your events.  (This functionality is part of Microsoft Outlook. DocketCalendar does not change this functionality. It works with the existing functionality)

Outlook does not send categories to attendees so this feature is most valuable for a central Calendar for the purpose of reporting or quickly finding a group of events like Deposition Days or Motions for Summary Cutoff Deadlines.

Default DocketCalendar Category

DocketCalendar, comes with a default category "Court Rules." You can change this to another category but we recommend leaving it set to "Court Rules." All other categories are subject to being placed in alphabetical order, however the "Court Rules" category is programmed to be subordinate to all other categories so that you can choose any category along with the default "Court Rules" category and on your calendar, you will see the color of the category you choose over "Court Rules"

The Default Category is used to assign a consistent variable to all DocketCalendar events. This makes it possible to produce a Quick Search report of all event deadlines on your calendar with a single search criteria.

To Create New Categories

Open an appointment screen by double-clicking on an existing appointment, or a blank calendar cell on your Primary Calendar first, then after following these steps repeat this process on your Firm Calendar.

The existing or blank appointment will open on the screen.

On the the ribbon menu, click the Categorize dropdown arrow and then click All Categories in the dropdown list.

To create a new category:

Click the New button to display the Add New Category screen.

Enter a name for the Category in the Name field.

Click the Color dropdown arrow and select a color for the Category or the accept the color already present in the color field.

Click the OK button when you are done.

The new Category will appear in the list.

Click OK when you are done.

Restart the DocketCalendar Add-In and the new Categories will appear in the Categories dropdown list.

To rename a Category:

Open the Color Categories screen as described above.

Click the checkbox next to the Category you wish to change.

The name of the checked Category will be highlighted.

Make changes to the name by typing over the highlighted text.

Optionally, change the color of the Category by choosing a different color from the Color dropdown panel.

Click OK when you are done.

The Color Category screen will close. The name of the Category will be changed.

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