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Outlook Mobile App

We strongly urge you to install the Outlook Mobile App on the mobile phones of staff members who will receive meeting invitations through DCO. There are several reasons for our recommendation.

Your Mobile Phone's Native Apps Can't Block DCO Meeting Invitations

When DCO events are sent to your calendar using meeting invitations, event notifications cannot be avoided, if you are using your smartphone's email and calendar applications to receive them. With the Outlook application installed on your desktop, an Outlook rule can be configured to suppress the appointment invitations DCO sends out to "attendees". But Outlook Rules won't work on your mobile phone's native email and calendar applications. When Outlook interacts with your mobile phone, your emails go to the phone's email app, and your appointments go to its calendar app. Both Android and iPhone standard applications will receive the DCO meeting invitations in their inboxes. But the Outlook Rule you configured for your Outlook desktop application will not stop the meeting invitations from showing up on your mobile phone. Consequently each time a DCO meeting invitation is received in your phone's calendar application, your phone will buzz, you will see a banner notification and, if you have an iPhone, the mobile phone's calendar app will display a red dot. On the iPhone you can disable the Invitation specifically but you cannot disable the red dot on the Calendar App unless you turn off all Notifications. If you turn off all Notifications, your phone will not notify you when you have an appointment on your calendar. The only option for the standard phone app to work without buzzing when you receive invites but to notify you when appointments are about to begin, is to leave Allow Notifications turned on, but Invitation notifications turned off. You will either need to ignore the red dots on the Calendar App, or you will need to accept them on the phone.

Using the Outlook Mobile App Will Honor Outlook Rules and Eliminate Unnecessary Notifications

To eliminate DCO meeting invitations and notifications, the simple solution is to replace your phone's standard mail and calendar applications with the Microsoft Outlook Phone App. The Outlook Mobile App consolidates both email and calendar in a single app. Mail and Calendar both support multiple email accounts so you can keep your business and personal account accessible within the same application or you can just use Outlook’s Phone App for firm related activities. In addition to having access to multiple accounts, the phone app allows you to view shared exchange calendars. This is a feature the standard phone calendars do not support. In addition, DCO meeting invitations will not show up in the Outlook Phone App. The events will flow directly to the calendar and, because of the Outlook Rule, the invitations will be deleted as they arrive in the user’s email account. This creates a seamless handoff of the events from DCO to Outlook to the Outlook Mobile App. As with any program, it has subtle differences but the functionality is improved in almost every way with the Microsoft Outlook Phone App.

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