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Add or Remove Attendees

Add or Remove Attendees

The DCO search and update tool allows you to add or remove staff members from selected events across one or more triggers in a case. This method must be employed on the Organizer's copy of the event.

Using the Search and Update Tool to Add Or Remove Staff Members To Existing Events in a Specified Case:

  1. Open the DCO Add-in.
  2. Click on the search and update icon on the DCO toolbar.
  3. Select the calendar from the calendar folder dropdown list.
  4. Select a case from the case name dropdown list.
  5. Select a date from the cutoff date field.
  6. Click the Find button on the search and update toolbar. (Note: To view events dependent upon other events, click hierarchy in the view dropdown box.)
  7. Check the checkbox next to the events you want to add or remove from an attendees' calendars.
  8. Uncheck the events you do not want to include.
  9. To add the events to staff member calendars, double-click on the attendees to add panel. To remove events, click on the attendees to remove panel.
  10. For each panel, select the staff members you want to add or remove.
  11. Click Update Events.

(Note: If you do not know which staff members have already received meeting invitations as attendees. You can open one of the events on the firmwide calendar, and they will be listed as "Required" in the calendar entry.)

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