What's Included?

DocketCalendar Court Rules 

Powered by CalendarRules DocketCalendar court rules are kept up to date automatically. CalendarRules tracks court’s changes and incorporates any new rules at the beginning of each month unless there is a significant rule change that occurs mid-month in which case the rules would be updated to reflect these changes as well. Changes can include new deadlines, modifications to existing deadlines and, or the removal of deadlines no longer used by the court. DocketCalendar automatically calculates new deadlines with these changes and each month it shows you any instances on your calendar where changes may have impacted deadlines previously calculated.

Rules Questions 

DocketCalendar support includes questions related to finding the right deadline, confirming the calculation includes the proper counting methods and holidays. And support when you have questions about the calculated result.
You can email the Rules Team for clarification when you have a question at no charge. The Rules team will review the court rules and the deadline calculation and give you confirmation when you need it. 

Support & Training

Your subscription includes unlimited support and training. We provide online user support with a searchable database of User Guide content, but when you have a question, we are happy to talk to you on the phone or set up a quick screen share session to help get you back on track. Our philosophy… No question is too small. Need help? Just ask us.

Your Subscription

Our service allows you to add and remove courts and calendar owners as you need them so you only have to pay for what you need, and you can gain immediate access to any court as new matters open up or immediately add additional calendar owners anytime. 
With our monthly subscription, your rate goes up or down as you add and remove courts or calendars, so there’s lots of flexibility with the subscription.
With your court subscription, you have unlimited use of the courts for rules calculations. Anyone in the firm can calculate deadlines and put them on any calendar or export them to excel.
Calendar allows you to save unique sets of deadlines for individuals who need to have their own deadlines not shared with others in the firm. Each Calendar in DocketCalendar includes unlimited use so you don’t have to pay for the support staff to see the deadlines on your attorney’s calendar. You can share a calendar with anyone in the firm without restrictions.