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every deadline related to
your case.
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DocketCalendar helps legal professionals manage the process of
ensuring that their critical dates are calculated accurately.

DocketCalendar powered by CalendarRules™ plugs right into your calendar and allows you to calculate deadlines based on your local courts' rules. In just a couple of clicks, you can create and enter all of the events related to your legal matter. simple as it gets.

Not everyone at the firm needs deadlines on their calendar.
Instead of having to pay for every user in the firm individually....
With DocketCalendar you tailor your subscription to the specific needs of your firm.
Support staff and others are not charged simply for being under the same roof.
Each month you pay:

$15 per court + $15 per calendar.
That's it, no asterisks.

For Small Firms
Small firms may only need access to one court. One court, one calendar and pay $30 bucks a month.
For Large Firms
Password sharing? You won't need it. Attorneys need deadlines on their calendar, but support staff may not. With DocketCalendar, you don't pay for unnecessary logins. All the tools your staff needs to manage your calendars at no additional cost.

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