Calculate and add deadlines to your calendar faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Instantly populate deadlines on everyone's calendar.

DocketCalendar connects to your local court rules and fully automates calculating, counting, and calendaring due dates related to your case. DocketCalendar creates and stores ALL of your court-related deadlines, and instantly populates all of your Firm’s Outlook or Google Calendars with your Deadlines.DocketCalendar places deadlines directly onto everyone’s calendar and canceled events are automatically removed from everyone’s calendar. No more invites, no more canceled events and a host of features designed to create a rich and user-friendly experience.

Store all of your calendaring-related data and recall it each time you calculate new deadlines.

DocketCalendar stores information like, who receives these deadlines, what court your case is located in, and any information in the location, subject, or comment field. You can even store pop-up reminder preferences and case-level category information. All your data is stored at three levels: case, trigger, and event. Every detail is retained when you update deadlines or need to report on your deadlines. When a matter settles, you can remove all events from your calendars and archive them within the application for historical reference.

A powerful built-in reporting tool that puts every deadline on your calendar right at your fingertips.

Generate custom reports based on date range, case name, assigned attorney, event type, location, subject text, comments text, or trigger. Quickly print reports,export to Excel or CSV, and easily copy data from your report screen into emails for quick responses to deadline questions.

Update all of your deadline-related information and push changes to your calendars instantly.

Deadlines Change! Trial dates move, Depositions get rescheduled. When you need to update your deadlines, DocketCalendar gives you all the tools to recalculate any related due dates and even allows you to change details on your deadlines so you can include information about your changes right in the events on your Calendar! Changing the date of a deposition, you may want to include details on the deposition deadlines about the reason for the change so when you attorney looks at their calendar, they instantly see any relevant updates.

You just got your trial date...

DocketCalendar processes your deadlines and populates your calendar instantly!