Now you can easily calculate, create, and distribute rules based deadlines with a few mouse clicks.


Using automated court rules to double-check deadlines, DocketCalendar helps legal professionals manage the process of ensuring that your critical dates are calculated accurately.

Quickly access court rules and date rules foreach and every critical date and enter all of your dates with lightning speed directly onto your Google or Outlook Calendar.


DocketCalendar plugs right into Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook and links directly to your local courts rules.

In just a couple of clicks, you can create and enter all of the events related to your legal matter.

DocketCalendar helps ensure that your deadlines are accurate on your Google calendar.


Once the events are on your calendar, DocketCalendar keeps them linked together making changes to a large group of events on your calendar quick and easy.

Using Google's network you will never have to worry about what is on your calendarbecause there is no online

Your EVENTS are created in Google
and they stay in Google!