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View Jurisdiction's Holidays

View Jurisdiction's Holidays

Virtually all courts have rules that specify what happens when a deadline lands on an official holiday. What holidays are recognized for the purpose of rules calculations varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and when certain holidays are observed may vary from year to year, if they fall on a weekend. DC automatically takes these holidays into account when calculating a deadline, but there will be times when you might want to view the actual list of holidays used by DC and when they are observed, particularly if you practice before multiple courts. The Holiday tool, accessible from a tab on the Docket Research screen, allows you to do this.

To view a list of Holidays for  a Jurisdiction in your subscription:

  1. Open the Docket Research screen and click on the Holidays tab.
  2. Choose the Jurisdiction whose holidays you wish to view from the Jurisdiction dropdown box.

Only the Jurisdictions in your DC subscription will appear in the list.

  1. Specify a date range by inserting a Start Date and End Date in the date fields, or accept the default date range of one year from the current date.
  2. Click the Find button.

DC will display a list of the holidays for the Jurisdiction and the dates on which they fall or are observed.

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