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Updating Cases / Changing Calendars / Archiving

You can change and update the details and settings for a particular case.

Changes will only be applied to Case Events Going Forward.

(Note - The Case Name Field is accessible here but the program will not update Case events already applied to your calendar. Do not change the Case Name if you have already Added Events to the Calendar) This feature is coming soon.

  • From the Tools menu, select Docket Cases.

The Docket Calculator Cases screen will appear, displaying a list of existing cases.

  • Find the case you want to update. If the case is not displayed in the list, you can:
  • Use the vertical scroll bar to move down the list; or
  • Search for the case by typing in a few letters in the type search box.
  • Click the Edit button next to the case you wish to update.

The Update Case screen will appear

  • To remove an Calendar or a User, click on the “x” in the left corner of the name Calendar you wish to remove.
  • To add an Calendar, use the dropdown box to locate and select them

When you are done, click the Update Case button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Archive Case will not remove events from your calendar. You must first go to the Edit Trigger Screen and Archive each Trigger before you archive the Case. Archive Case & Triggers is coming soon.

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