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Setup & Settings

Quick Set Up Tips

DocketCalendar includes many settings that govern and allow you to customize various aspects of the product. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with these settings and make the necessary adjustments before you begin calendaring with DCO.

How to Access DCO Options

Click on the options tab on the main DCO screen. Click Save retain your changes.

Default Calendar Folder

You configure the Default Calendar Folder from the Appointments tab. Select a calendar from the dropdown list. If you want to be able to see the Default Calendar Folder on the Use Rules screen during date calculations, check the checkbox Show Calendar Folder List on "Use Rules" Tab.

The Default Calendar Folder is the calendar where the events created by a staff member using the DCO Add-In will be posted directly. Each staff member using the DCO Add-In must choose the calendar you wish to have your deadlines written to. To be able to see that calendar in the DCO Default Calendar Folder dropdown list, it must be shared with the staff member configuring the Add-In.

Default Jurisdiction

If most of your cases are litigated in a particular court, you can select a Default Jurisdiction on the General Options screen from among jurisdictions in your DCO subscription.  Once you do so, the selected jurisdiction will automatically appear in the Jurisdiction field when your staff performs rules calculations.

Default Reminder Length

By default, DCO creates a reminder for Outlook and the Outlook mobile app that appears 15 minutes before the time scheduled for the event. If you want to receive greater notice for appointment events, you can change this value in the Default Reminder field on the Appointment settings tab.

An Outlook category is automatically assigned to each event created by DCO when you perform a rules calculation. This Category operates to identify DCO events on your calendar and can be used to build reports.

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