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Sharing Outlook Calendars & Permissions

DocketCalendar events cannot be posted directly to a calendar, unless it has been shared with you and you have been given the permission level "Owner. 

The owner of the Calendar must set this permission level for you. They do so by right clicking on the calendar they want to share with you.

In older versions of Outlook, permissions included a dropdown menu that allowed you to set permissions for a shared Outlook Calendar with more granular levels of control. CalendarRules is designed to work with the highest level of permissions “Owner”

If you do not see the “Owner” option, (See Example: 2) You will need to execute a PowerShell Command to set the permissions level.

You will need this to be updated by the M365 administrator, via the GUI or PowerShell. e. Once you establish a PowerShell session for Office 365 with an admin account, you can use the following command to set owner permissions.

If you find you need help, contact us for support on setting permissions.

set-mailboxfolderpermission -identity mailbox_name:\calendar -accessrights Owner

To share an Outlook Calendar:

Go to your Outlook Calendar

Right click on the calendar you want to share

Click the To Button to open you adress book

Select the name of the person you want to share the calendar with

Set details to "Full Details" Note: You will still need to increase permissions to "Owner"

Click Send

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