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Setup & Settings

Primary Gmail Calendar

DocketCalendar requires a single Gmail Calendar to function as the hub for your firm's deadlines

Once you have set up your "Primary Calendar" You can begin using DocketCalendar.

DocketCalendar adds events directly to any shared Primary Gmail Calendar or any Secondary Calendars created on the Primary Calendar or any Secondary Calendar belonging to another Gmail account that is shared to your Primary Calendar.

Once you have added the shared Calendar to your Primary Calendar in Gmail. DocketCalendar will see these calendars and allow you to assign them to Calendar Users. See Calendar Users.

*Calendars properly shared will appear in the My calendars section.

See Screenshot: names with @gmail at the end are Primary Gmail Accounts and all others are Secondary Calendars. Any Calendar listed under My calendars can be used as an assigned calendar to any Calendar User.

All events are posted to Google Calendars using direct write to calendar.

The Google Calendar Associated with Your Google Account

The Google account you logged into after you logged into DC is automatically associated with a single Google calendar, called your Primary Calendar. If you take no further action, your primary calendar will appear in the Calendars dropdown list that is present on the screen where you assign Calendar Users.

Secondary Calendars Associated with your Google Account or another Google User

The Google Calendar permits you to create one or more secondary calendars in your Google account. Note: Like the Primary Calendar, a secondary calendar can be shared with other members of the office.  

Shared Calendar Owned by Another Google User

You can also post events on a Primary Google calendar which another Google account holder has shared with you. 

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