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Service Type Offsets

Service Type Offsets

The procedural rules for most courts add a specified number of days to respond to deadlines based upon service of pleadings and other case documents, utilizing certain methods of service, on the opposing party. DC refers to this additional period of time, measured in days, as the "offset". The offset takes into account that there may be a delay in receiving court papers served using certain methods of service, justifying adding more time to a deadline to respond. DC recognizes six methods of service:

  • Personal or In hand--Usually no offset
  • Electronic--Usually no offset
  • By Fax--Usually no offset
  • Service by Mail on a Party Outside the State--usually an offset.
  • Express or Overnight--Usually an offset
  • Regular Mail--Usually an offset

DC automatically takes these offsets into consideration when you perform docket calculations. The Service Types tool accessible from the Docket Research screen, allows you view the offsets prescribed in a particular Jurisdiction.

To view a list of Service Type Offsets:

  1. Open the Docket Research screen and click on the Service Types tab.
  2. Choose the Jurisdiction whose Service Type offsets you wish to view from the Jurisdiction dropdown box.

Only the Jurisdictions in your DC subscription will appear in the list.

  1. Click the Find button.

DC will display a list of the Service Types for the Jurisdiction and the number of days, if any, of the applicable offsets.

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