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Recalculate a Trigger

Note--Changing Just Attendees: Adding or removing Attendees whose calendars will be updated with the events can be done separately or at the same time as recalculating the Trigger using a different date. To update Attendees separately, see Adding or Removing Attendees. Once the Update Trigger screen is being shown:

  1. Click in the Trigger Date field to display the date control and choose the new date by clicking on the number of the day of the month.
  1. Select "use new date" from the Recalculated Events dropdown box.
  1. Click the Recalculate button.

The events with the recalculated dates will appear on the next screen.

From there you can:

  • Review the date rule used to calculate a specific event and the procedural rules where those calculations are specified.
  • Exempt an event from the recalculation by unchecking its checkbox.

Note: The original event will remain on the Google calendars where it was first posted.

  1. Click the Update Calendar button.

A confirmation screen will be displayed, showing the details of the Trigger calculation and listing the events that were updated. The Google calendars of the Attendees and the default calendar for the case will be updated.

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