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Login with Gmail

Logging into Docket Calendar and your Primary Gmail Calendar

To use DocketCalendar, you will need your DC login and password and you will need the login for your firm's main Gmail account. Without both sets of credentials you will not be able to login to DocketCalendar.

DocketCalendar will work both with a personal Gmail account (e.g., or a Google’s G Suite (e.g., You can have an unlimited number of users for DocketCalendar but program connects through one Primary Gmail Calendar.

1. Go to the DC in your browser and hitting the Enter key.

2. Click the Login button in the top right corner of the page.

  1. Enter your firm’s Login.
  2. Enter the password your firm used to subscribe to DC.
  3. Click the checkbox, signifying that you have read and agree to the terms of the DC end user license agreement.
  4. Click the Remember Me checkbox, if you want DC to automatically fill in your login and password each time you access the login page.
  5. Click the Sign in button.

You will be taken to the Google Authentication Login page, where you can log into the Gmail account you have linked to your DocketCalendar Account.

  1. Log into the proper Google account:

You will be taken through the Google account log in process.

  • If prompted, enter your Google email address and account password.
  • Only the Gmail Account assigned to the firm's login combined with the login and password will grant you access to DC.

Once you select your Gmail account, you will be logged into DC and you will be taken to the Docket Calculator Page.

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