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DocketCalendar Add-In Vanished

DCO should appear on a separate Add-In Tab in Outlook. If it is missing, most likely Outlook has disabled it. This can happen at start up, usually because Outlook has concluded that DCO takes too long to load. Outlook may display a colored bar across the top of the Outlook window with a message "Outlook encountered a delay at start up and has disabled some items."

If you suspect that Outlook has disabled the DCO Add-In, take one of these steps to enable it:

It does not show the details unless you click into the message to view the details. If you click "OK" on the message that is displayed, it will disable DCO until you re-enable it. If you click into the details you will see that there is an option to enable the Add-In called "Always Enable" that will prevent Outlook from disabling DCO. On some versions of Outlook it will give you the option to ignore the warning for 30 days. Either of these will prevent Outlook from disabling DCO. Check to see if your Add-In is disabled. Click on the File Menu in Outlook and select Add-Ins

If it's listed as Disabled you can change the dropdown at the bottom, it says “Com Add-Ins” to “Disabled” Items and Click Go

You will see DocketCalendarForOutlook listed in Dissabled Items. Highlight it and click “Enable.” Close and Restart Outlook. If you still don’t see it, go back to Add-Ins and click the “Com Add-Ins” button.

Make Sure that DocketCalendarForOutlook is “Checked” If it is click ok and restart Outlook. If it is not checked, check it, click OK and restart Outlook.

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