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Excluded Events

Excluded Events, accessed from the Utilities menu item, provides advanced functionality that allows users to exclude events from being created during rules calculations, if they find it helpful to do so. Most firms will not exclude events, unless the rules calculations in the jurisdictions in which they practice produce a large number of deadlines that are irrelevant to their practice. For instance, some procedural rules may trigger deadlines applicable to types of cases the firm does not handle. Excluding those deadlines will speed up the review process during rules calculations. The rules in other jurisdictions may have few deadlines the firm considers extraneous, making excluding events unnecessary. You can:

  • Exclude events from selected Jurisdictions.
  • View the excluded events.
  • Restore the excluded events if they were excluded by mistake or need to be included for any other reason.

Add Events to the Exclusion List

  1. Open the Exclude Events screen from the Utilities menu by selecting the Exclude Events menu item.

For help to open the Tools menu, see Navigating the DCG Menu and Dropdown Lists.  

The Exclude events screen will appear.

  1. Select the Jurisdiction that includes the events you wish to exclude from the Jurisdiction dropdown list.  (The Jurisdiction you chose as the Default Jurisdiction in Docket Calendar User Preferences will be selected automatically.)
  1. Select the Trigger in the Jurisdiction that creates the events.
  1. Click the Preview Events button.

The list of the events relating to that Trigger will be displayed.

  1. Select the events you wish to exclude by checking the applicable checkboxes.
  2. Choose whether you want to apply the exclusions only to the selected jurisdiction or to all related jurisdictions that contain the same Trigger.
  3. Selecting “Apply To Selected Jurisdiction” will exclude the checked events for the single jurisdiction chosen.
  4. Selecting “Apply To All Jurisdictions” will excluded the checked events in every jurisdiction in your subscription with the same Trigger and events as selected on the screen.

Note:  Use this feature where several jurisdictions include the same trigger and related events. This will generally apply where two or more jurisdictions employ the same procedural rules—for instance, if your subscription includes several federal bankruptcy courts or district courts.

  1. Click the Save button.

The list of events is cleared from the screen. The events displayed on the screen will no longer appear for rules calculations using that Trigger in the affected jurisdictions.

View Excluded Events

You can view the events that have been excluded from Triggers in every Jurisdiction. To view Excluded Events:

  1. Open the Exclude Events screen from the Utilities menu and click the View Excluded Events shortcut.

The View Excluded Events screen will appear, showing a list of events that have been excluded from Triggers in every jurisdiction. For each entry, the list will show the Jurisdiction, Trigger and Event that was excluded.

Restore Excluded Events

Excluded events can be restored, so that they will once again show up during rules calculations. To restore excluded events, you reverse the process used to exclude them. To restore Excluded Events:

  1. Open the Exclude Events screen from the Utilities menu and click the View Excluded Events shortcut.

The list of excluded events will appear on the screen.

  1. On the Excluded Events screen, locate the event you wish to restore and note the Jurisdiction and Trigger associated with the deadlines.
  1. Click the Back shortcut to return to the Exclude Events screen.
  2. On the Exclude Events screen, select the Jurisdiction and Trigger from the dropdown lists and click the Preview Events button.

The complete list of events relating to the Trigger will be displayed. The excluded events will be shown checked.

  1. Locate the checked events you wish to restore and uncheck them.
  1. Select the Apply To Selected Jurisdiction option and click the Save button

The screen will clear and the selected events will be restored.

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