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  • DocketCalendar can create deadline events on multiple calendars simultaneously. Each unique calendar that requires deadlines must be shared with your primary Google calendar with edit permissions. Calendars are sharable, and multiple people can use one calendar.
  • You can assign unique deadlines to any calendar. Each calendar can be assigned to anyone in your organization. Once assigned to a case, anyone with access to that calendar will receive all deadlines for that case as they are added to the calendar by default.
  • You can create a calendar from inside your master Gmail calendar as a secondary calendar and then share it with another person through Gmail, or you can connect any calendar to Outlook as an internet calendar. You can also have any Gmail user share any primary or secondary calendar created on another Gmail account to your master Gmail account and then assign it to anyone inside DocketCalendar.

Assign a Calendar

  • Click the calendars button on the utilities menu.

  • Enter the full name and email address. 
  • Select the calendar you want to associate the user with it from the calendar dropdown.
  • Click the add button when you are done.

Deleting Assigned Calendars

  • Click the delete button to remove an assigned calendar. (Note: You should not remove an assigned calendar if it already has deadlines attached to it.)

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