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Adding or Removing Attendees

Adding or Removing Attendees

Any attendees selected when creating the case will appear on the Docket Calculator screen when you calculate events. They will receive meeting invitations for all events using a trigger that will appear on their calendars. On the update trigger screen, you can add or remove attendees. If you add an attendee, their Google Calendar will be updated with all of the events related to the trigger. You can add or remove attendees on the trigger update screen independently of updating a trigger with a new date. 

Add or remove an Attendee

  • Select update trigger.
  • Remove an existing attendee by clicking on the "X" to the left of the attendee's name in the attendees dropdown box.
  • Add new attendees by selecting one or more names from the dropdown list.
  • Click the update button; or, alternatively,
  • If you are changing the date of the trigger, you can also make that change then click the recalculate button.
  • The Google Calendars for the attendees for the events relating to the trigger will be updated.

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