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Adding Deadlines to your Calendar

Adding Deadlines to your Calendar

Review the Details of Rules Calculations:
  •  By clicking the triangular-shaped pointer at the beginning of each event, you can see the details of how the deadline is calculated.
Display Events in Tree View:
  • Click the show tree view to view the events in a hierarchical view to show the relationship between events and some deadlines as the trigger for other sub-events.
Exclude Events:
  • Exclude deadlines by unchecking them in the list. You can also create preferences for automatically excluding certain events so that they will not show up on the list of events at all on the Docket Calculator.
Print Events: 
  • Print a list of events by clicking the print shortcut.
Export to Outlook or iCal Format:
  • By clicking the Outlook or iCal shortcut, DocketCalendar will create a file containing the events in a format that can import into Outlook or any other calendaring program compatible with the iCal format.

Post the Events

  • Click the import to calendar button. 
  • The deadlines you have selected will appear on a new screen, called the verify screen. 
  • The verify screen will only include the deadlines you checked on the Docket Calculator screen.

Saving Deadlines to Google Calendars

Post to Calendar: 

  • Choose a single Google Calendar on which to post the events. 
Add Calendars: 
  • Send events to the people in the office who may want these deadlines and events placed on their Google calendars.

Edit the Description, Calendar Color, and Notifications That Apply to an Event

  • Click the edit icon located at the end of the description of any event you want to change.

Change Description:

  •  Click the copy button, which will copy the current description into the text box for further editing.
  •  The text typed into the text box will be substituted for the original description. 
  • The new description will not appear on the screen, but it will appear on Google calendars. 
  • If you need to update the new description, click the edit icon again.

Change Event Color:

  • You can choose a color for the event. This action will override the event color selected when you created the case.

Add Additional Email and Pop-Up Notifications:

  • Set the length of time before the event when either the Google Pop-Up notification or Email notification will be generated. This action changes the notification settings selected when creating the case.
  • Click the save button when you are done.

Saving the Events

  • ‍Click the save to calendar button. 
  • Events will be posted on the calendars you selected. A confirmation screen will appear, showing the details of the date calculations.

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